Elios Meaning - Origin and Images

Origin of first name:

Ancient, Greek, Original, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Elios comes from the Greek helios meaning "sun".


No Elios celebrates to this day, perhaps your little treasure will be?

Eliot celebrates in honor of Elie de Thesbé. The latter was a prophet of the Old Testament who lived in the eleventh century before Christ. Legend has it that Elijah of Thesbe received a gift of eternal life. Become immortal, he ascended to heaven on a chariot of fire.

His character :

Oscillating between calm and storm, Elios is both cerebral and physical. He likes sports and games as much as revisions in front of his computer or immersed in his notebooks. Testifying to a balanced personality, it is more of a quality. Although shy, Elios is sociable and enjoys contact with others. True to its etymology, it is also radiant like the sun. His solar aura makes Elios the star of the family and he loves it! Having the taste of the show, Elios likes to get noticed and is doing well to get there. The whole family often laughs with its devastating humor.

Despite this sociable side, Elios enjoys little intrusions into his secret garden. Friendship occupies a considerable place in the life of Elios. Sincere and loyal, he always responds to them. Hating to be alone, he likes to be surrounded by friends.


Helios, Eliot and Heliot.

His party :

Eliot is celebrating the 20th of July.

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