The angel of Christmas

Made with a flowerpot, this Christmas angel will decorate the house and watch over your little angels to you during the Christmas holidays!


  • 1 small pot of flowers
  • 1 big and 4 small wooden balls
  • 2 x 20 cm of string
  • glossy cardboard
  • Angel's hair
  • red fabric
  • golden paint, brush
  • felt, scissors, glue


  • Paint the flowerpot in gold.
  • Attach a wooden bead to a piece of string, pass it through the opening of the flowerpot and attach a second bead to the other end.
  • Draw the wings on the cardboard, cut them out and stick them to the back.
  • On the front, stick a fabric heart.
  • Draw a face to the angel and stick the hair securely.
  • Glue the head.