Treat yourself to a relaxing bath

The bath is a privileged moment to take care of oneself. Enjoy the weekend or a quiet moment to give you a relaxing parenthesis. Calm and emptiness around you and ... forget your cell phone.

The bath can bring you many benefits, toning, relaxing, remineralizing. It is a moment of pleasure destined to evacuate all the tensions.

Optimize the virtues of the bath

  • Temperature it must be between 34 and 37 ° C maximum to feel comfortable. The heat causes a dilation of the pores, increases the blood flow. This results in a feeling of relaxation accompanied by better elimination of toxins.
  • The duration : The bath should not exceed 15 to 20 minutes. If you prolong this pleasure, you risk to cool down and come out wrinkled like a newborn.
  • The ideal moment : preferably in the evening, at bedtime when your digestion is complete.
  • The good gesture : end with a cool shower (18 ° to 24 ° C). Sitting in the empty tub, walk the shower head over your legs and pull your ankles up to your thighs.

Create the atmosphere

Some tips will complete this moment of harmony:

  • Sift the lights and light scented candles.
  • Hold your neck with a towel rolled or with a bath pillow.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Put on some relaxing music : a bird's song, the sound of a stream ...
  • Get out of the bathtub and wrap yourself in a warm towel.

Choose the bath that suits you

  • The sea bath : Add algae or crystals rich in iodine, mineral salts and trace elements to the water.
  • The moisturizing bath : ideal if you have dry skin. You will pour into the water a few drops of oil before diving into it.
  • The relaxing bath : with essential oils. You have to know that they are very active. No risk if you are pregnant, provided you use them mixed with vegetable oils and very diluted. This is the case given the amount of water in a bathtub!
  • The pleasure bath : pleasant scents that invite to escape, effervescent pebbles that sparkle on your skin. A real joy !

If you are pregnant

  • In the bath, your body that sometimes seems very heavy will float in weightlessness, seeming lighter ... a real well-being!
  • If your pregnancy goes smoothly, you can take baths, but test the temperature before you dive into the water: it should not exceed 27 degrees C. Too hot, it is harmful to your circulation and fatigue unnecessarily.
  • Do not soak too long, you will dehydrate your skin.

Monique Fort