Hydration is essential!

No way to leave your body fallow even hidden under the big sweaters and jackets. It's time to massage, to pamper yourself from head to toe with a moisturizer. This will de-stress you and restore pep to your body after the shower or bath.

Optimize the action of your treatment, do not forget the scrub

For your care is more efficient, we must go through an essential step, that of exfoliation.

  • His action scrub, or exfoliation, rids the epidermis of the dead cells that suffocate it and tarnish its luster.
  • His interest : indirectly, it stimulates cell renewal, promotes better oxygenation of the skin and greater receptivity to care products.
  • Its composition : small abrasive grains are incorporated into a gel or cream.
  • Which one to choose : if you're in a hurry, a foaming scrub that cleans and exfoliates in one go. Otherwise, a sugar exfoliant or sea salt crystals after the shower.
  • The good gesture : put a small amount of product in the hand and apply on damp skin with light circular massage without rubbing. From the shoulders to the feet through the back, chest, belly, thighs, buttocks and legs. Then rinse thoroughly.
  • At what pace If your skin is dry and sensitive, a scrub every two weeks is enough. If it is normal, once a week.
  • The trick Do not forget the top of your hands or the base of your nails. They will only be stronger and more beautiful.

The benefits of hydration

  • Make screen : your skin is attacked by the cold, limescale of the water, the washing agents (or surfactants), the friction of the clothes. Good hydration can restore the barrier function of the epidermis that protects you from these inconveniences.
  • Bring comfort. A dehydrated epidermis itches, tight, becomes very irritable. Redness may appear. If you are epilating, the hair tends to grow back under the epidermis. You feel "bad about yourself".

Hydration: choose the treatment that's right for you

  • Your skin is very dry : opt for formulas enriched in lipids (fatty substances) like fatty acids which make it possible to maintain a good cohesion between the cutaneous cells thus avoiding a dehydration.
  • Your skin is normal : a milk or a moisturizer will be perfect.

Monique Fort