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Your child 5-11 years

Kokeshi's recipes

The Kokeshis, these little Japanese dolls, the kids love ... and will also love these recipes. Suggestions sweet or salty to realize with four hands with your child or that it will be able to do alone if it is big enough. To your cooks! Kokeshi Sakuras In Japanese, the word "sakura" refers to the branches of cherry blossoms, symbols of youth, beauty and friendship.
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Pea mousse with ham

White ham is good for your baby because it is rich in good quality protein. In this recipe, it goes with peas for its greatest delight from 6 months. Ingredients: 150 g frozen peas 1 mint leaf 30 g white ham 1 half-portion cheese. Preparation: Bring a pan of water to a boil.
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Liméo Liméo Parents may have hesitated between Leo and Timéo ... The result is off the beaten track, right? For the party, choose July 3 with Tom or January 25 with Timéo. To discover :
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Patterned hooded waistcoat on a mottled background: € 19.99 (Kiabi). Sales points Patterned hoodie on a mottled background: € 19.99 (Kiabi). Points of sale To discover:
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Little Brown Bear has a wolf hunger

It feels awfully good at home today! The mother of Little Brown Bear has prepared a delicious meal for her guests. Will Little Brown Bear have the patience to wait before feasting? All the videos Little Brown Bear Find Little Brown Bear in the children's magazines Popi and Apple of Api!
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Your baby 0-1 year

The balloon: a toy that hides its game

Kicking a ball, what's easier! That's what you believe? He will teach your baby things with a simple balloon ... to separate from you, to exchange with others, to acquire good reflexes ... we go around the question. With the ball, he discovers the thrilling thrill of worry As soon as your baby is sitting, you can start playing ball with him.
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